Demo 2013.

by Canine

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deathlessgroove thumbnail
deathlessgroove Normally into death metal/doom but this deffs opened me to Punk Favorite track: All I'll Ever Know..
Leslie Bowden
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Leslie Bowden Canine is an incredible band, with extremely groovy, deep riffs and breakdowns, this is an incredible example of an underrated band. Favorite track: Sleepless..
Martin Marmol
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Martin Marmol This is just too epic. Mix in together d-beat, powerviolence and punk, with some trails of stoner and sludge, and you get this stuff. Raw. Favorite track: Senseless / No sense..
marvinx thumbnail
marvinx Wondering why there's no "DIS" in the band name, and why they come from Down Under and not from Sweden. ;-)
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Rosie, Kira, John, Tristan & Tara-Jayne.

8 track demo - 2013.
Recorded May 19th 2013 by Lachie Vercoe @ the pitz.
Released by OneBrickToday (BRICK05) on cassette.
Available through mailorder (1st September) or at our shows.


released June 1, 2013


tags: punk Sydney


all rights reserved


Canine Sydney, Australia

Canine | Sydney

Members of Glory Hole, Pure Evil Trio, Thorax, Shark Bait & Shit Weather.


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Track Name: Senseless / No sense.
With a sharpened senseless sense. Just breathe. Slow down.
Lost best friends - once called family.
I'm doing fine on my own.
Turns out that nothings changed, and I'd still rather be alone.
I'll leave it all behind.
With a sharpened senseless senseless sense, just breathe.
Move on.
Track Name: Ask No Questions / Tell No Lies.
The less you know before it hits the plate the better you feel.
Chosen ignorance for your evening meal.
Track Name: All I'll Ever Know.
Don't tell me not to worry, I'm going to worry anyway.
As I scream this, i feel fucking paralysed.
As I write this, I have trouble catching my breath and every scary thought I've ever had flows through my head.
You tell me not to worry - Reminds me of how much I worry - Then i worry.
Round in fucking circles, it never goes away.
5 years, a lifetime ago. 2 whole years that felt like forever.
Write new histories, i'snt an option.
I cant look back, cant let go, cant change the past.
and it is fucking paralysing.
Track Name: Sleepless.
These drunk and ugly sounds, an outpour that lacks expression, an empty promise broken, a feeling void indifferent.
There will be no one left to drown my sorrows and my screams will fall amongst them.
Standing sleepless in revolt.
I'm good for nothing, and I owe you nothing.
These are our scars, we carry them forever.
Track Name: End Of Days.
I guess I was kind of use to being around humans before, but now I've seen a lot more, got to know people, see what they're capable of, I guess I just realised how amazingly screwed up they all are.
I mean really, really screwed up in a monumental fashion, and they have no purpose that unites them, so they just drift around blundering through life until they die, which they know is coming, yet every single one of them is surprised when it happens.
Track Name: RC.
How can they ever be at fault when there are always reasons why the victim is to blame? Silence is not consent.
I don't care if it's your friend, there's no excuse.
And if you ignore their (the survivors) story, you're perpetuating rape culture and its fucking bullshit.
Track Name: TINY.
My dog is my best friend, and I'd choose her over most of you.
She knows all my secrets, so if she were here right now, she'd be moshing on your face.
Track Name: How To...
I'm not going to glorify and congratulate someone for not being an asshole. I'm not going to pat your fucking back because you're accepting us living our lives how we choose to.
I don't need to read your zine telling your community that you're onto of your shit and a decent person..
Maybe you could just be a respectful partner and show your support without broadcasting it to the world.
Another dude in the spotlight.
Another person to speak on behalf of me.
Hand in the fire, head in the clouds.
You're taking up more space.
Social cred for not fucking up. Well you did.